Molecular Parasitology

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T. brucei has more than 150 histone modifications



We are very excited to see the work of our PhD student Amelie Kraus (now Helmholz, IES, Munich) published. Together with members of the Schlosser lab (University of Würzburg) she performed a quantitative and very comprehensive analysis of histone modifications in T. brucei and was able to identify the targets of histone acetyltransferases (HAT) 1 & 2. In addition, she found that depletion of HAT2 decreases H2A.Z deposition and shifts the site of transcription initiation and that depletion of HAT1 does not affect H2A.Z deposition but reduces total mRNA levels by 50%.

Kraus AJ, Vanselow JT, Lamer S, Brink BG, Schlosser A, Siegel TN (2020)
Distinct roles for H4 and H2A.Z acetylation in RNA transcription in African trypanosomes.
Nature Communications 11: 1498