Molecular Parasitology

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Joining the Lab

Currently there are opportunities to join our research group as a postdoctoral researcher, PhD student, Master student, Bachelor student or for an internship.

Applicants for PhD and postdoc positions

As a member of our group you will have the opportunity to apply different state of the art techniques ranging from CRISPR-Cas9-based genome editing and imaging combined with super-resolution microcopy to a wide variety of deep-sequencing based approaches such as single cell RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ribosome-profiling and Hi-C.

You will be working in an international environment, surrounded by state of the art core facilities and many excellent labs working on different aspects of chromatin dynamics. Scientific exchange is ensured by numerous seminars, lectures and graduate programs taking place at and around the Biomedical Center. The LMU Martinsried Campus offers unique opportunities to establish collaborations and to tackle complex problems.

PhD and postdoc candidates are expected to be highly motivated and to enjoy working on challenging research projects. Most likely, the development of new methods will be part of your project.

Postdoc candidates should have a strong background in gene regulation, chromatin biology and biochemistry or molecular biology.  An interest in applying for research fellowships and in training junior scientists is expected.

Interested candidates should send their application (CV, an outline of what you would like to investigate during your PhD or postdoc, the names of two referees and relevant transcripts in one PDF) by email to The salary will be based on TV-L 13.

Applications for Master students, Bachelor students and interns

Interested candidates should send a CV and a brief description of why you want to join our group and what you expect to learn during your stay.